Vision & History

Church History

Sunday, Nov. 7, 2004 Pastor Burnice & Evang. Karen Green became the founders of God's Vision Ministries along with a handful of pioneers for the Lord. They understood, at a young age, the trails & tribulations to come, however they have learned to look beyond all of that to see the great reward that God has waiting for them. They continue to keep God first in their lives, allowing the Spirit to lead them and guide them. They are fully aware that through God ALL things are possible for them that believe. Make no mistake that when you put God first, he can only bless you. Pastor and Evang Green and the members of God's Vision Ministries believe in lifting up the name of the Lord.

The church opened its doors thanks to Pastor Porter and his congregation at Bread of Life Ministries, 24 Seneca Avenue. They shared their sanctuary with this ministry for one year. Even though our service started at 2:30 PM, God still brought the increase. To God be the Glory!

On the first Sunday of November 2005, God’s Vision Ministries opened its doors at 694 Hudson Avenue. The first two months of services were held in what is now called the fellowship hall. On New Years Eve, the drums were sounding, the keyboards were playing and Pastor Green was preaching as GVM brought in the New Year giving God Praises, in the new sanctuary area. What a night it was!

The name God’s Vision Ministries comes from Pastor Green. He selected this name because he’s determined to follow after the vision that God has given him. Pastor Green understands that through all things, God is the one that makes the difference.

GVM sits on the corner of Bernard Street and Hudson Avenue in the Northeast area of Rochester, New York. It will be a church of outreach and love. We will stress education and give spiritual counseling to those that are in need. GVM will work with our community leaders, determined to do our part as God leads us. We will continue to stress the church motto that “Failure is not an option”.

God’s Vision Ministries will continue to make history in the weeks, months and years to come. Through this history, may lives be changed. May the members that join this ministry understand that God has already made the way; we just need to follow the vision.