Itinerary Below

Elder Burnice B. Green, Sr. was born in Rochester, New York to the late Burnice Green, Sr. & Annie Ruth Green and is the 2nd youngest of fifteen children.

Being blessed to hold revivals and speak at various churches throughout the Rochester area and around the country has left a God sent impression on congregations who have heard him.


1988 · Graduated from Wilson Magnet High School
 1992 · SUNY Brockport: BA in Communications
 1992 · BA in Elementary Education
 1995 · MA in Science
 1999 · SDA (School District Administration)
 1999 · CAS (Certification of Advanced Studies & Education)

  Awards / Acknowledgement:

NYS Coaching Certificate that has enabled him to travel to Paris, France representing the United States of America
1996 ·   Induction into the Athletic Hall of Fame at Wilson Magnet High School
2004 ·   BBA (Brockport Alumni Association) award for outstanding service to the Alumni Association and having shown outstanding professional achievement.
2007 ·   Selected by the Democrat & Chronicle as one of the top 10 Emerging African American leaders in Western New York
2007    & 2009 ·   Selected as the Chaplin for the Monroe County Legislative
2010 ·   Distinguished Rochester Education Foundation Award for making a difference in the lives of people in our community.

·   Inducted into the Section V Basketball Hall of Fame

2013 ·   Distinguished award as the New York State Administrator of the Year

·   Selected to represent New York State at the National Board of Educational Administrators to be held in Washington, DC

2014 ·   Inducted into the SUNY Brockport College Basketball Hall of Fame
2016 ·   Keynote speaker for the SUNY Brockport Teachers Commencement
2017 ·   Special Mayoral Recognition Award for the highest achievement for unpaid community outreach volunteer service.

·   Lifetime Achievement Award for his lifelong commitment to building a stronger nation through volunteer work from President Barack Obama

·   The City of Rochester Black Heritage Pioneer for Education Award

He is currently the Assistant Principal at the Dr. Martin Luther King School #9 where he is the founder of a prestigious Boys Academy.

Being united in matrimony to Karen L. Rice on May 23, 1998, he is blessed to have a beautiful and supportive wife who stands beside him 100% in his ministry. They have four children to this marriage.

Sunday, November 7, 2004, Pastor Burnice and Elect Lady Karen Green became the founders of God’s Vision Ministries.  They began this ministry with a handful of pioneers and God continues to bring the increase.  To God be the Glory!

Pastor Green understands at a young age the trials & tribulations to come and have learned to look beyond all of that to see the great reward that God has waiting for him. Through all the degrees and honors he has received, none is more precious than the degree and honor of God’s presence in his life.  I know I must work the works of him who sent me!

Remember only what you do for God is going to last!


April 28
Mt. Vernon Baptist Church
351 Joseph Avenue, Rochester, NY
4:00 pm

May 19
Mt. Olive Missionary Baptist Church
70 Clark Street, Geneva, NY
4:00 pm

June 7
Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church
131 Dr. Samuel McCree Way
7:00 pm

June 23
Batavia, NY
3:30 pm

July 28
Ark of Jesus Ministries
1000 N. Winton Road, Rochester, NY
3:00 pm

August 4
Jesus Global Outreach Ministries
707 Hudson Avenue, Rochester, NY
3:00 pm

September 22
New Covenant
1276 Clifford Avenue, Rochester, NY
3:30 pm

October 4
St. Paul Holiness
63 Thomas Street, Rochester, NY
7:00 pm

October 13
Beulah Hill Missionary Baptist Church
5130 Kings Street, E. Williamson, NY
4:00 pm

November 24
Pentecostal Power of Deliverance
284 Weyl Street, Rochester, NY
3:00 pm

December 31
God's Vision Ministries - watch Night Service
694 Hudson Avenue, Rochester, NY
9:30 pm


February 6 - February 8
God's Vision Ministries
694 Hudson Avenue, Rochester, NY
7:00 pm Nightly

April 10 - April 12
Church of God
Sodus, NY
7:00 pm Nightly

May 1 - 3
Macedonia Baptist Church
237 E. North Street, Buffalo, NY
7:00 pm Nightly

August 8 - August 10
God's Vision Ministries - Tent
685 Hudson Avenue, Rochester, NY
7:00 pm Thursday & Friday / 6:00 pm Saturday


October 11 - October 13
God's Vision Ministries Leadership Conference
Friday, October 11: 694 Hudson Avenue, Rochester, NY (Open to Public)
Workshops: 5:30 - 7:30
Service: 7:30pm

Saturday October 12: Invitation Only
Leaders Conference for GVM Leaders

Sunday, October 13: 694 Hudson Avenue, Rochester, NY (Open to Public)
Leadership Worship Service @ 11:00 am

Out of Town Services

June 14
Cleveland, OH